As intern from India

At India Juris interns and trainees are exposed to working culture of a law firm, on the job legal challenges and art of understanding clients legal need.
We receive number of applications through out the year from law students, who wish to intern at India Juris. It is difficult for the firm to accommodate all, but as far as possible and practicable and subject to our policy, we endeavor to give opportunity to maximum students to learn and sharpen their legal skills

Who may apply for under this Program
  • Fifth year final semester law student (5 year course)
  • Third year law student (3 year course)

Duration of the Program
From one (1) month to six (6) months
The applicant may choose any of the offices for full duration or combination of the two or more offices of the firm for the program. However, firm shall decide the location depending upon the situation vacant.
Applying for the Internship Program
To apply for the internship program, Email us at hr [at] indiajuris [dot] co [dot] in  along with your resume with full details of your law school, course, semester, location and duration of internship. Please note internship request are entertained only through email and. response will be provided via email only.