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Adoption Procedure Relaxed With the Coming of Adoption Regulations, 2017

Ministry of Women and Child Development issued the new Adoption Regulations, 2017 on 04th January 2017 and came into effect from 16th January 2017. The Regulations have been framed by 'Central Adoption Resource Authority' (CARA) under section 68 (c) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.These regulations seek to further strengthen the adoption programme in the country. Adoption Regulations 2017 will replace the guidelines governing Adoption of Children 2015. The new regulations have been framed to overcome the difficulties faced by the adoption authorities and the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs).

Transparency, early deinstitutionalization of children, informed choice for the parents, ethical practices and strictly defined timelines in the adoption process are the featured aspects of the Adoption Regulations.

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Proposal for a New Mechanism to Adhere Complaints Against Television Channels and Radio Stations

The Supreme Court on 12th January 2017 passed an order asking the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to use the power under section 22 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act and set up a body to deal with complaints against television and radio channels if they found any objectionable content. Setting up of such a statutory body would for the first time accord the public a forum, where they can submit their complaints against 'objectionable contents' in TV channels and radio programmes. The Hon'ble Court has also asked the Centre to devise procedures with regard to the time limit for filing and deciding complaints and filing of appeals by the aggrieved parties. The establishment of a such a body will be a great step towards the strengthening of Media Laws of India

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19 January 2017
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