Antitrust & Competition

India Juris antitrust & competition team handles mergers and acquisitions, government investigations, litigation and regular counseling for multinational corporations and small companies
Businesses, in India have to comply with competition laws, both in relation to transactions and their day-to-day commercial behavior. Our competition practice offers depth and breadth of experience to assist clients in overcoming this challenges and any related litigation. 

Competition policy encroaches upon all aspects of commercial conduct and strategy. We seek to give clients commercial risk-based advice so that they can pursue their business strategies without infringing the competition rules. Even where a company has breached competition rules, we aim to ensure that our skillful advice minimizes exposure. We provide cutting-edge advice and advocacy in this complex area of law, economics and policy.  

We advise our clients and undertake litigation on issues related to Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) (now repealed) and Competition Act 2002.