ESOPS & Incentive Plans

For more than a decade consistently advising Multinationals on implementation and operation of MIPs, ESOPs and other HR plans for the employees of the Indian subsidiary by the Foreign Company.
India Juris has advised and made various incentive plans and esop schemes for large multinational clients. Our work includes drafting, reviewing and advising on following:

  • Notional Share Matching Plan
  • Performance Share Plan
  • Worldwide Employee Sharesave Plan
  • Restricted Share Plan
  • Long-Term Incentive Plan
  • Performance Share Plan and Share reward Plan- Share Options
  • Deferred Bonus Plan
  • Management Incentive Programme (MIP Options)
  • Employee Share Acquisition Plan  (ESAP)
  • Long Term Incentive Plan
  • Sharesave Plan
  • Clawback Policy  and Incentives Plans
  • ESOP for Indian employees
  • ESOP of Indian company for foreign employees

Some of the clients for whom we have worked is these area are:-
  • Marks & Spencer, UK
  • Spectris Plc, UK
  • Taylor Nelson Sofre Plc, UK
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, UK
  • Intec telecom Systems Plc
  • Old Mutual Plc., UK
  • RM Plc, UK
  • ABB
  • GlobeOp Financial Services, UK
  • Aggreko Plc, UK 
  • Essar Energy
  • Calance Software, USA



IJ advises, a UK technology Co. on ESOP for Indian subsidiary
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