IPO, FPO, Rights Issue, Letter of Offer

IPO, FPO, Rights Issue, Letter of Offer
We advise on all types of securities issues and transactions including IPO, FPO,
QIP, Debt Offers, Rights Issue, Takeovers, Buyback etc; Our services in capital markets are as under:
  • Assisting clients in appointment of various intermediaries, agencies, etc. required for the entire public offering process
  • Coordinating as focal point for the client with the all the intermediaries and agencies involved in the entire Public Offering process 
  • Preparing / Vetting of Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) / Prospectus
  • Follow up on DRHP/ Prospectus and preparing the periodic updates until the same are filed with Registrar of RoC
  • Responding and addressing to the objections/queries of SEBI, Stock Exchanges, depositories, etc. during the entire process of public offering
  • Conducting legal due diligence and providing resultant due diligence certificate, due diligence opinion, due diligence report, etc. for SEBI purposes
  • Review of various documents and agreements entered into by the Company
  • Review of Company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and advise on the alterations required, if any
  • Review of various business ventures promoted/ partnered/ associated by the Company
  • Review of various promotional schemes like ESOP and other incentive schemes
  • Review of litigation by and against the company including that involving directors, subsidiary companies and joint ventures
  • Review of Offer Document to ensure compliance with various applicable laws
  • Review of Offer Document in light of due diligence and subsequently suggesting the corrective changes
  • Drafting and review of several documents, agreements, letters, etc. required in the entire process of Public Offering such as MoUs with BRLMs/ Joint BRLMs, Syndicate Agreement, Underwriting Agreement, Escrow Agreement, Agreement with Registrar, Agreement with Bankers, Consent Letters required from various intermediaries, Required board resolutions and shareholder resolutions, any other applications, letters, certificates, agreements, etc.
  • Advice and written opinions on the statutory and corporate advertisement in connection with Offer
  • Advice and written opinion on other matters, such as process risk, tax matters, etc.
  • Advice on the duties and actions of the Company in the entire process of Public Offering
  • Provide legal clearance on all issue material such as DRHP, Red Herring Prospectus,
  • Prospectus, Abridged Prospectus, Application Form, Public Notices, Bid Forms, Confirmation of Allocation Notes, etc.



India Juris acted as legal advisor to rights issue for Sital
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