Pesticide Registration

Providing single point assistance on all types of statutory registrations for Pesticide and chemicals in India
India Juris can assist in regulatory issues and registration of pesticide in India. The scope of work would include following :

  • Applying to put the pesticide in online schedule at CIB & RC website 
  • When product is included in online schedule at CIB & RC website, then application for RTT permit (sample Import Permit) to CIB & RC, Faridabad.
  • After getting RTT permit (Sample Import Permit), Coordinate and assistance to Company to import the sample from overseas manufacturer
  • After the sample is imported, then it will be distributed to multi locations Agriculture Universities/ Laboratories) for the below mentioned data generation with respect to

1. Bio Efficacy 
Bio, Phototoxicity, residue, physical properties of soil in micro flora and fauna, natural enemies, persistence in soil & water, chemical analysis of sample, MRL Fixation, Data on effect on parasities and predators etc.

2. Toxicity 
All toxicity data generation, it can be generated in India as well as overseas manufacturers company.

3. Chemistry 
Data can be generated in India as well as in overseas manufactures company.

4. Shelf life data 
It can be generated in India as well as in overseas manufactures company. It will be generated for 30 months (from 3 different locations)

  • After generation of all the required data as per CIB & RC guidelines we will assemble the data, dossier preparation and submitted to CIB & RC.

Other Registration Services

> Registration of Agro-chemicals 
  • Registration u/s 9(3b), 9(3) and 9(4) of technical/formulation indigenous manufacture (TIM/FIM), Technical /formulation Import from New source (TIT/FIT), registration of bio-pesticides u/s 9(3b) & 9(3), “Me too” registration u/s 9(4) , Export registration of technical/ formulations u/s 9(3) of Insecticide Act, 1968.
  • Endorsement cases of change of company name, factory & office address, additional factory units, new packing, change in packing etc.
  • Sample import permission 
  • Extension for validity period of provisional registration certificates u/s 9(3b)   

> Preparation of Agro-chemical registration documents

To support registration of agro-chemicals listed above under various categories we have team of qualified staff to compile the registration applications as per CIB & RC (Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee ) approved guidelines. 

> Generation of data through NABL/GLP labs

Data generation from different Agriculture Universities/ ICAR Institutes, Govt. and Private Laboratories w.r.t. Bio efficacy & residue, Toxicity, Chemistry and Packaging. 
> Follow up with authorities

With our technical knowledge and experience we engage ourselves and can arrange for our clients deliberation with regulatory expert to sort out the queries related to technical matters on various registration applications.

Relevant technical support and arranging meeting for technical discussion with key stakeholders