Residency Certificates

Residency Certificates
As per Section 90 of the Income Tax Act, in order to avail the benefits of DTAA it is mandatory for the non-residents to submit Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) to their banks. The Indian Government has issued certain guidelines for the TRC required by the Non-residents as well as Indian Tax residents.  

The TRC with the following details should be duly verified by the Government of the country or the specified territory of which the NRI claims to be a resident for the purposes of tax :

(i) Name of the assessee 
(ii) Status (individual, company, firm etc.) of the assessee 
(iii) Nationality (in case of individual) 
(iv) Country or specified territory of incorporation or registration (in case of others) 
(v) Assessee tax unique number or identification number provided by the government in the country or specified territory of residence  
(vi) Residential status for the purposes of tax 
(vii) Period for which the certificate is applicable 
(viii) Address of the applicant for the period for which the certificate is applicable