Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment
In India, a new Act related to sexual harassment of women at workplace has come into force with effect from 22nd April 2013. It applies to employers and which are very widely defined in the Act and may include your organisation as well.as well.

India Juris is advising large multinational corporations operating in India on this subject. The scope of work includes :

  • Advising on the various provisions of the Sexual Harassment laws.
  • Advise and implementation of  duties of employer under the Act
  • Advising on the constitution of Internal Complaints Committee.
  • Advising on the obligation of the Internal Complaints Committee according to the Act.
  • Drafting guidelines for functioning of Internal Complaints Committee.
  • Advising and drafting any related policies of the company.
  • Meeting and discussions with your team in relation to the proposed implementation. 
  • Assistance in conducting inquiry by the Internal Complaints Committee as per the Act (if required).
  • Dissemination of the information as required under the Act and Rules.
  • Responding to the queries of arising from time to time.