Hotel, Tourism & Time Share

Hotel, Tourism & Time Share
Hotel and tourism industry has an international impact and is growing globally. Hotel and tourism in India has a great potential and is again an emerging sector affecting positively all the other allied sectors such as agriculture, real estate, aviation, transport, handicraft, etc. 

We provide legal structuring and time sharing consultancy for the three kinds of timeshares namely deeded interests, right-to-use and leasehold agreements. We provide assistance in preparing time sharing affiliation agreements.  

  • Mergers & acquisitions 
  • Disposals
  • Developments & construction
  • Private equity & fund raising 
  • Bond issues  
  • Securitisations
  • Litigation 
  • Hotel management contracts & agreements
  • Franchises agreement
  • Structuring and taxation
  • Intellectual property

Our client base includes owners, private equity funds, developer, investors, operators, franchises, brand owners, asset managers, financial institutions and contractors.



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